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After the ban on real casinos in Russia, many of them did not close their business, but successfully transferred it to the Internet. Brands that players have known for many years have appeared online. There were new stars, which previously did not exist. This success of Russian online casinos is connected not only with the prohibition of offline games , but also with excellent offers for players.

Player suggestions:

Famous names from offline on the net . Casino “Vulcan”, slots from the Austrian Novomatic . All this has become familiar to the average player thanks to the real casinos in Russia.
Generous deposit bonuses , many promotions and tournaments. The level of bonuses cannot be called the largest in the gambling industry , but the fact that they confidently correspond to the world level is for sure.
Jackpots. Again, the amounts are less than those of Playtech or Microgaming , but there are significantly fewer players claiming them . For this reason, they are clearly more interesting overseas.

Russian online casino technologies :

A large number of games. The average Russian casino has 50-100 quality games. This is more than enough for the average player. At the same time, the quality of games is fully consistent with what the industry leaders offer. For example, the GloboTech tape measure is simply excellent – visually pleasing and very convenient.

MD5 fair play technology. There are practically no casinos in the west that would provide and guarantee the fairness of games through MD5. Yes, many Russian casinos do not have a license from a foreign jurisdiction, but if they have MD5, then this significantly increases the credibility of the institution. Briefly about MD5 using roulette as an example . Before the players start betting, the roulette wheel gives the player a sequence of symbols – an encrypted future result without a key to decrypt it. After the number drops out, the player receives the decryption key . To test the honesty of this roulette and thisgames, the player can find any MD5 decoder through Google or Yandex and enter the resulting sequence and the key to it. Having deciphered, he will receive the number that fell on the roulette wheel. That is, the number is randomly determined by the roulette before the start of the bets and is communicated to the player in encrypted form. Everything is honest and no deception.

Popular deposit methods for players from Russia and the CIS. Russian online casinos offer such deposit options that are not available in other casinos in the world: Yandex-Money, Qiwi, SMS and others.
Russian language software and support services . A casino in your native language is good, but the support service is just great!

Russian software manufacturers are developing very quickly and casinos based on them are often leaders in one or another segment of the Russian gambling industry.

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